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I started taking photos at the age of 15, it made me happy. Filled my soul with peace. I had the pleasure of using a film camera, there was no knowing how the photos would turn out and then seeing them developed was so exciting. I recently was able to work in a darkroom again and the feeling that comes with developing my own photos is something that only comes with the film camera.


I decided when I moved to Invermere that doing photography is what I wanted to do for a living. I love making people happy and when I bring the client their photos and they smile and cry, and look at me and say "I love myself (and family) in those photos" This is when I know I have done my job. That is truly what I believe photography is all about - making people happy and seeing the smiles on their faces. And the smile on my face when I know I've got that perfect "shot." I feel privileged when I am allowed to be part of a families special moments and I look forward to being part of yours.


When I'm not taking photos, I'm taking photos. But I also spend my time with my 5 year son, camping, taking our dog out for a run.



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